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Is your choice of bank the biggest driver of your company's emissions?

For many, financed emissions – from business bank accounts to pensions – are a company’s single biggest contributor to their carbon emissions. 


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Responsible businesses across the world have taken impressive steps in the last 10 years to curb the impact of the climate crisis: From switching operations and offices to renewable energy to moving to electrified fleets.


CEOs, entrepreneurs and sustainability professionals have shown genuine leadership in tackling the crisis.


But one area remains unchanged.


The carbon impact of their bank.

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The last remaining source of huge and hidden carbon emissions

Financed emissions – the emissions enabled by funds deposited at banks or invested in companies – have been described as “the last remaining source of huge and hidden carbon emissions”1

For companies to drive towards Net Zero, they need to estimate these emissions and develop a plan of action to reduce them.

1 Bill McKibben, in The Carbon Bankroll (2022)


Business C02

Your company's choice of bank has a huge impact

The financed emissions from your bank and pension could be larger than the entire 
supply chain combined.

Alphabet/Google's Reported Emissions*

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Difference between reported and hidden financed emissions

* Data taken from the Carbon Bankroll report, 2022

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"Money is the oxygen that keeps fossil fuel burning"

- Bill McKibben, Environmentalist and founder 
of and

Become a sustainability leader - you fund the future

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Significantly reduce emissions

Target the biggest reduction of CO2 in your business

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Boost employee satisfaction

Through showing genuine leadership

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Spark societal change

Switching funds to better performing banks can spark broader change in the industry

And get peace of mind that you are addressing your company’s largest source of emissions.

Why we can help

Tools & data developed by experts:

​Giving you a view of your hidden emissions.​

Client-centred approach:

We work with you to understand your requirements and identify the best solutions.

Mission-driven to make the switch easy for clients:

Focused on implementing changes on our clients' behalf.

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How it works
Trusted data sourcs


Trusted data sourcs



Anna MacDonald

Director at Happy Maki

"We were really struggling to find a bank that met all our complex requirements as a hospitality company. We were looking for someone that we could be proud of using which included reducing our banking carbon footprint. We sent over a long list of banking requirements to the team and they did the groundwork for us, something I had tried to do on my own but I had got lost in the data and all the different options. Their research found a solution that I hadn't even considered, Virgin Money. This in the long run will save us so much time and hassle and will really streamline the finance side of our business. The service is really good value for money, I felt supported, with a weight lifted from my shoulders. It was great having someone experienced with similar values who was there to help me out. I would defiantly recommend using this service and we are considering using then in the future in other areas of sustainability."

We go much further than financed emission reporting. We offer a suite of tools to engage and 
empower employees at all levels of the company. To ultimately, understand and take action on 
their financed emissions.


Free Lunch & Learn Sessions:

Boost employee engagement and help them to understand the impact of their finances.

Climate Challenge.png

The Climate Challenge:

Designed for busy teams to target the big drivers
of their emissions.


Green Living Service:

Employee perk which leads to higher employee satisfaction: saves employees average of £3,000 per year and reduces carbon footprints by up to 18 tonnes.


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Fiona Howarth

CEO, Octopus Electric Vehicles

"Many banks are deploying capital in greener investments which is great news, but there’s a long way to go and time is critical. As we accelerate on our net zero journey, it’s important to celebrate the leaders and chart out the distance ahead for the laggards. The Bank League Table from MotherTree helps us do both."

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Learn more about carbon emissions financing

About us


Craig Wallington

COO and Founder

Extensive experience working to drive change with large organisations: 7+ years at Bain & Company working with clients to change their business to achieve a range of objectives.


Dan Sherrard-Smith

CEO and Founder

Track record of successful switching: On the founding team of the UK's largest autoswitching site - Look After My Bills - switching energy for over 800k households and saving the UK public £127m.

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